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Film and Video in Class

A 30 person set of faces observes a YouTube video playing at the front of class. This is something that, even just 15 years ago, would have been out of place. But today film and video in class is prevalent across multiple different subjects and teachers. Film and video provides a unique approach to educating […]

Camas Features Life Video Games

Self-Employed Students

Money: the most necessary item for most high school students. It is used for buying food with friends, gas money and even the occasional pair of shoes. There are many methods for accumulating enough money to actually have the sum to purchase everything that a high-schooler may desire. Many high school kids are slowly pushing […]

Humans of CHS Students of CHS

Love, July

For her senior project, Aubrey Johnson has created a literary vlog, a video blog that tells the story of fictional characters. Love, July portrays July Stilwell and her friends and provides entertainment as well as a deeper theme of awareness of other people. Last summer Johnson had the inspiration to create Love, July. “I thought it would be a […]