Features School Students of CHS

Get Your Yoga On

Ella Neumann, a senior at Camas High School, has a goal for her senior project: she wants to impact CHS in a positive, inspiring way. So, she is setting up a time and place for teachers and students to meet up and learn yoga. Ella, as well as some guest teachers, will lead the sessions. […]

Health Life

Workouts You Can Do At Home

  Sometimes it is nice to workout inside, especially when it is raining, which happens a lot in Washington.  If you are struggling to find some good workouts to do at home, here are some ideas you can try.  No equipment needed! 1.   Mountain Climbers      courtesy Google   2.   Plank       […]


A Week Of Optimism

Positive thinking can be difficult especially when tough things come your way.  Here are some ideas to improve your positive thinking: Science Behind It Our frontal lobe controls critical thinking, and for adults, since their brain has matured, they rationalize things, but children and teens do not have a fully developed brain, so they act […]