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New Year, New Yearbook

Another year has passed, but for the yearbook staff, this only means more things to come. With senior quotes, ensuring it’ll be error-free, and surprises in store, this yearbook staff plans on it being something special. Although there was a rumor going around about taking away senior quotes, they are still in action. There was […]

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Snow Days or Summer Days?

Most of the time students would give anything to have a day off school. Although, when it alters schedules and adds time to the end of the year, it may not be worth it. Camas School District has already faced the tough decision of canceling school when dealing with the winter weather. In this season […]

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Out With the Old

A Preview of Coming Attractions in 2017 It seems fair to say that 2016 may have been a bit of a controversial year, to say the least. For some, the year was their best yet, bringing joy and prosperity, others felt as though the world was ending. Nevertheless, out with the old, and in with […]