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Skills for Snow Driving

As temperatures drop, and snow falls to the ground, people of all driving experience levels have to drive in these winter weather conditions. In order to prepare for these road conditions, the following is a number of greatly recommended checklists to stay safe this winter. Prepare Your Vehicle for Winter Make sure your vehicle’s maintenance […]


Fudge: To Share or Not to Share?

As the last of the leaves fall from the trees and a bitter chill fills the air, thoughts of sitting by a cozy fire, warm cocoa in hand, start to appear in everyone’s minds. It seems like the snow on the ground sends a plague of laziness throughout the Northern Hemisphere and reduces everyone to […]

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Snow Days or Summer Days?

Most of the time students would give anything to have a day off school. Although, when it alters schedules and adds time to the end of the year, it may not be worth it. Camas School District has already faced the tough decision of canceling school when dealing with the winter weather. In this season […]

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‘Snowpocalypse’ 2017

This year has been one for the record books. Six to eight inches fell across the metro area this week, paralyzing schools, businesses, and roads. Here is a little glimpse into what Camas looks like in this winter wonderland, enjoy. ALL PHOTOS COURTESY TREVOR HUNT.


First Snow of the Year

First Snow of the Year Proves Disappointing There is no sight more enjoyed than the snowflake icon on the weather app. Thousands of Camasonians rejoiced when word got out that this majestic and rare gem popped up, late Sunday night. How could this be? There has rarely been inclement weather so early in the school […]

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Popular Holiday Activities in the Pacific NW

Oregon America’s largest Christmas Bazaar: November 25-27 & December 2-4, Portland Christmas Around the World at the Pittock Mansion: November 2 & December 3, Forest Grove Christmas Ship Parade: December 8-20, along the river Festival of Lights at the Grotto: November 25- December 30, Portland Festival of Trees: December 3-4, Portland Saturday Market’s Festival of […]