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CHS’ Spring Activities

As we leave winter behind and welcome spring, many opportunities for students to explore their own interests in extracurricular activities present themselves. The spring weather has been warming up in the past weeks around Camas and students are finding their own ways to enjoy it. Marilyn Green, a freshman at Camas High School has been […]

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Winter Weather

After many dry and warm winter months, severe winter weather hit the Camas area. This means missing school and a few late-start days. Abrupt changes to the school schedule can cause questions and disagreement among students, their families, staff and the whole community. One of the most common questions is about how these decisions are […]

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Changes in Weather… And Schedules?

In Washington, the weather changes rapidly at any time of the day. While the winter months are coming, the temperature is dropping and precipitation is increasing daily. Everyone’s schedule will change when they are adapting from September’s sunny days to November’s rain and gloomy clouds. Whether it’s a walk to the portables or a far […]

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School’s Out for the Winter

In the month of November at Camas High School, there will not be a normal full week of school. Last week there was a late start on Thursday, no school on Monday because of veterans day, Thanksgiving break is the week after that, and another late start the week after. With all of the time off, […]

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Inclement Weather Follow-Up

As winter started to wrap up this year, Mother Nature caught everyone by storm. The district leaders decided to cancel school due to inclement weather twice, as well as push school start times forward a flurry of times. While the impact of the snow was less this year compared to last year, nearly a week […]

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Spring Is Here…?

This year on Valentine’s Day, when people’s hearts are warmed and flowers are everywhere, Mother Nature deviated with a blast of wintry weather. Snow falling in the Camas area led to a delayed start to the school day and caused chaos for students and staff at Camas High School. Despite this event, the signs of […]

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What To Expect This Winter: El Niño vs. La Niña

Ten snow days — two full weeks of school — this is the number of days forfeited to the weather in the 2016-2017 school year in the Camas School District. What students may not know is that the cause of this abnormal amount of snowfall is directly correlated to the El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) events, […]

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Winter is Coming!

As the cold days start to approach, CHS students and faculty know one thing: winter is coming. Cold days in Camas involve heavy rain, hail, snow, and even ice; put that together and it can lead to school closure and even an extended school year. Camas is full of surprises, and one never knows what […]