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Traffic Around Camas High School

At the beginning of the year, there were three to four buses late to school every day. Because of the heavy traffic around Lake Road, it can take ten or more minutes to get around the lake.  Kelsey Osmus, a freshman at Camas High School, mentioned that the traffic, “is preventing a lot of teens […]

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Hallway Etiquette: What To Do And Not To Do In The Hallways

Every student at Camas High School experiences the chaos that ensues immediately after the bell sounds at the end of every period, regardless of their grade, schedule, or routes taken throughout the school. The hallways are backed up, the locker bays are mazes, and the commons is like an impenetrable wall; there’s no way through […]

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Tardies, Traffic, and Buses, Oh My!

As most know, either through first-hand experience or second-hand complaining, Camas High School has a terrible traffic situation. Backed-up buses, panicked parents and delayed drivers; most days, first period really ‘starts’ ten minutes after the late bell when all the students finally make their way from the parking lot to the classroom. Camas High School […]