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Eating Disorder Awareness

Throughout the year’s many teens and young adults have struggled with some sort of eating disorder. Those who do not have a disorder, whether it be an adult or a teen, don’t know that much and how they can help. The average student doesn’t know much about these topics. “I know general knowledge from health […]

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A Guide to Teachers: Mr. Minder

There are a number of teachers throughout Camas High School who have been around long enough to earn a well-known reputation among students. I’m here to make your lives a little easier by interviewing these teachers and giving you some words of advice. I’ll also be talking to some veteran students as well as a […]

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Tips for Safe Adventure

The Pacific Northwest gives a variety of beautiful scenery and places to explore. And warm weather brings many people to seek adventure and enjoy the nature surrounding the world. One of these many adventures is camping but it can come with a safety risk. June is National Camping Month, and there is no better time […]

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Dear Freshmen…

A compilation of senior advice As this school year comes to a close, graduation is nearing for the seniors of Camas High. Before they depart, The Camasonian asked these upperclassmen to impart some wisdom upon their fellow students, especially the incoming freshmen! While we received a mixed bag of both serious and comical advice, please […]


Camping Do’s and Don’ts

Camping season has arrived just in time for spring break. Make sure to have a good time using these top camping tips! Camping out in the middle of nowhere is not for everyone. Luckily the Pacific Northwest is blessed with a number of different campsites and parks, so there is a place to fit anyone’s […]


Prom Makeup

Prom 2017 is here! Getting your makeup done just how you want it can be stressful and overwhelming. You have to take into consideration the color of your dress, your skin tone, your eye and face shape, what products are right for you, etcetera; however, this does give you the opportunity to experiment and practice […]

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How To: Slow Dance

  Something that always holds us back from going to a school dance is… the dancing part.  Whether your moves are stiff or you are completely new to dancing, here are some tips and tricks to help you feel comfortable on the dance floor.   Move with the music Get a feel of the beat […]

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Admission Season Tips

One of the most stressful yet exciting times of a teenagers life is undoubtedly their Senior year. Parties, privileges, and graduation are all aspects that add to the fun that is a student’s culminating childhood experience. But, before all of these festivities can begin, a dark cloud seems to loom over all Seniors, this ominous […]