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Everybody Has A Story: Lily Walsh

Camas High School Junior Lily Walsh is someone who loves singing and acting. When they arrived at CHS their freshmen year they engrossed themselves fully in the Theatre scene. Even though they became more involved with theatre in middle school and high school the passion for it started early.  The love of theatre and singing […]

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Amazing Play For an Amazing Cause

The amazing play for an even better cause called After This Episode was a success for the drama department. This inspirational play was about a strong girl who was diagnosed with cancer her senior year, which took her away from the outside world and trapped her in hospitals. She ends up going through horrible treatments […]

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Macbeth In All New Ways

Shakespeare has been alive since the 1500s with beautiful pieces of poetry that feel different every time they’re read. It’s been portrayed through a stage for centuries, but this year, Shakespeare will be brought to the Camas High School in all dimensions. In 1921, the idea of a stage model where the audience is around […]