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It’s The Final Testing

Finals week can be a very stressful time for students, so knowing the correct ways to prepare is key to a stress-free week. Finals may seem very intimidating to freshman, or really any student as they approach, but there are tons of ways to relieve stress and ace one’s finals. Some Camas High School students […]

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Preparing for Finals

Preparing for finals may be a very stressful time for students: the school year has almost ended and students are expected to power through all of their summertime blues to study for their finals. Students engage in many different forms of studying. Sophomore Michael Windom says, ”I normally start studying a week before so I […]


A Tip to the Wise

Whether you are enrolled in AP classes, normal classes, college-in-the-classroom classes, or are taking part of the running start program, almost everyone at some point in time has to study. With the upcoming AP tests in may and Finals in June, students are beginning to alter their study habits to help them perform at their […]