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Everyone Has A Story: Aidan Linerud

Aidan Linerud joined journalism because of his interest in writing and the news. He enjoys writing informational articles to inform the community and educate the public on certain topics. Linerud enjoys telling stories because he likes to make sure the people are informed about the news that is going to affect them. He finds it […]

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End of Year: Chromebooks and Textbooks

From our CHS librarian: June 10th & 11th, tech staff from ZAC will be in the library to collect seniors’ Chromebooks throughout the school day. Seniors should start rounding up their cases and chargers and cleaning up their CBs (no personal stickers!) to be ready for those dates.  They should also make sure that their […]

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A Look Into Cascadia Tech. Academy

Hoping to go into a certain job field right after high school and get to work? Need skills to get a job? Cascadia Tech. Academy might be something to consider. Cascadia Tech. Academy, previously known as the Skill Center, has a lot to offer for its students. In the words of Mrs. Sarah Warta, a […]

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At first introduction, it might have seemed like someone cut off the wires of their earbuds and stuck them in their ears and carried around a white container of tooth floss to store them in. But now as 2019 comes around the corner Apple’s new product grows more and more viral: AirPods. At a whopping […]

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3D Modeling and Printing Club

“It’s just some of the technology that you run into in the future. A lot of engineering and hands on jobs, a lot of it is done with 3D printers these days. It’s a good skill to have. Rendering stuff like this, helps you a lot in getting engineering kind of jobs. Also, it’s just […]

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Why is using a VPN at school dangerous?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Many students download and use VPNs “to go on social media, or anything important.”  an anonymous senior stated. By using VPNs, the Students can bypass the school’s regulations regarding websites.  While using a VPN seems convenient as well as safe they can instead be particularly dangerous. “They can see […]

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Welcoming Ms. Kosaki

If someone on the CHS campus is experiencing issues with technology, then they may end up meeting Traci Kosaki. So who is she? Before coming to CHS, Kosaki worked at Skyridge. Her job was working with in-school suspension, special education, and most recently, technology. After moving to CHS she has continued her work in technology, […]

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Chromebooks: Pros and Cons

The One:World program in the Camas School District means each student has their own Chromebook starting this year. So far, the program is off to a productive start; however, not everyone is on board. School district leaders announced the initiative, funded by the technology levy, last year. It cost more than $1,000,000, and around 5400 […]