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A Look Into Cascadia Tech. Academy

Hoping to go into a certain job field right after high school and get to work? Need skills to get a job? Cascadia Tech. Academy might be something to consider. Cascadia Tech. Academy, previously known as the Skill Center, has a lot to offer for its students. In the words of Mrs. Sarah Warta, a […]

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Welcoming Ms. Kosaki

If someone on the CHS campus is experiencing issues with technology, then they may end up meeting Traci Kosaki. So who is she? Before coming to CHS, Kosaki worked at Skyridge. Her job was working with in-school suspension, special education, and most recently, technology. After moving to CHS she has continued her work in technology, […]

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Chromebook or Chromeblocked?

Whether loved or hated, Chromebooks cannot be denied as useful tools. Still, many students are left wondering about what they can or cannot do on the devices, as their extent of freedom is obviously limited. With great power comes great responsibility, and unfortunately for students, not everyone maintains that responsibility. Regrettably, the actions of the […]