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Camas Students Go Fishing

As it is nearing summer, the sky is clearing and the sun is out. The weather is just perfect for going on the water. Many Camas students go fishing on a regular basis. This activity to many may seem boring or unappealing, but there is much more to it. To those who enjoy it, it […]

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What’s In Store for Summer 2020?

As the summer of 2020 fast approaches, Camas students and their families are left to wonder how the coronavirus pandemic will reshape their plans. The stay-at-home order Governor Jay Inslee put in place lasted through May 31, but no further extensions have been made thus far — rather, plans for counties to return to normal […]

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Teacher and Student Communication

Over the years, communication between the Camas High School students and their teachers has changed drastically. New group chat apps have unlocked many new ways that students are communicating with their teachers.  Also, Students and staff shared thoughts about there being enough forms of communication for teachers and students. Teachers play a large role in […]

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Staying on Track This Summer

Students look forward to summer break all year. When that last day of school ends, students are throwing their hands up in celebration and tossing their books aside for the next two months. By doing this, students forget a lot over summer break, causing teachers to review during the first couple of weeks. To prevent […]

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End of Year: Chromebooks and Textbooks

From our CHS librarian: June 10th & 11th, tech staff from ZAC will be in the library to collect seniors’ Chromebooks throughout the school day. Seniors should start rounding up their cases and chargers and cleaning up their CBs (no personal stickers!) to be ready for those dates.  They should also make sure that their […]

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The Final Stretch

The school year is nearing its end, and with the final weeks comes a lot of work. Some students may be fading and they are just trying to make it through the rest of the year. With all the work, students may feel overwhelmed and just give up. With less than two months of school […]

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Winter Weather

After many dry and warm winter months, severe winter weather hit the Camas area. This means missing school and a few late-start days. Abrupt changes to the school schedule can cause questions and disagreement among students, their families, staff and the whole community. One of the most common questions is about how these decisions are […]

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What Is It? The Burning Man Festival

“In one word: FANTASTIC! It’s like nothing else I’ve ever experienced.” That is how one local attendee describes Burning Man. The first event was held in 1986 on Baker Beach in San Francisco as a small function organized by artist Larry Harvey and a group of friends. They would all gather and burn a statue […]