Testing the Legal Limits

The Center of the Disease Control states, per mile driven, teen drivers ages 16 to 19 are three times more likely than drivers aged 20 and older to be in a fatal crash. The solution is simple: raise the legal driving limit to 18 years old and there will be less teenage related car crashes. […]

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Art With Meaning

Around the Camas High School campus, you can find various different pieces of art on the walls. Varying from a lion above doors to quotes and bridges, to people helping others climb a vending machine. Now, why would Camas have such odd artistry posted along the walls of this wonderful campus? The idea started with ceramics […]

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Why is This Election Important To You?

Staff members of The Camasonian asked students: “Why is this election important to you?” “This country is in need of a change. We need someone who has not been tried for crime because that sends the wrong message to the next generation.” – Senior “The sense of representation needs to be increased among young people. […]

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Election 2016: Moving Forward

The Presidential election of 2016 is in the books. Now, the staff of The Camasonian looks ahead by asking CHS students: “What is your reaction to the election, and what are your thoughts on the future of America?” “I wasn’t surprised. Why would I have been? Trump was going to win, from the start, you could […]

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A Reassuring Hand

Statistics show that over 8.5 percent of students in high school are gay. This number may not seem large, but when someone is struggling because their sexual orientation is “out of the norm,” this seems like the biggest issue in the world. Camas High School is not known to be a school that discriminates against […]