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Senior Op-Ed: Aidan Linerud

It would be an understatement to say my final year of high school is different. A complete shake-up of the high school experience, due to a microscopic yet ever-present collection of molecules that has taken this year by storm. Hey, at least I am going out with a bang, if that bang was the sound […]


Teacher-Student Boundaries

Every student at Camas has a favorite teacher and they feel like they have a special bond or a friendship with them. Maybe they come and visit between classes and at lunch. Maybe they tell this teacher or school employee everything; they feel this teacher is a friend.  “We’re not peers, so there shouldn’t be […]

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Why so much art?

Students who are not particularly fond of taking art classes are often left wondering why there are required art credits. Right now, students must collect two art credits to graduate. Students have many different ways of making up these credits. They can take drama, ceramics, painting, journalism, and many other classes. Some students want to […]

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Camas’ First All-American Football Player

Not many football players get to be part of an All-American football team, but for senior Bryce Leighton, his chance will occur next year.  He was nominated one of the top kickers in both state and national rankings. After competing as the varsity football team’s kicker, he was selected along with 99 other players by […]

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Teachers of the Year

Often when people think about whom they would consider as an idol, they think about very powerful or well-known people, Most of the time, their idols are people they have never even met before. People tend to want to look up to or strive to be people that society perceives as powerful. However, some of […]

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Cell Phone Searches: What’s Allowed?

Goodbye text messaging, checking Instagram, and tweeting in the middle of class. That phone has been taken away. So how much can teachers/staff do with it? A line in the Camas High School Student Handbook about how “The PCD (Personal Computing Device, such as a cell phone) may also be searched by school staff if […]

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Behind the Scenes of the Blood Drive

Each year, the National Honor Society at Camas High School hosts a blood drive. Mrs. Inzalaco, the supervisor of NHS, explains that “Bloodworks has a representative who is excellent at working with the school… he gave us all of the promotional materials, [such as] what we need for permission slips… [and] he walked us through […]

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Cheating the System

It’s having a deep-laid plan, or maybe just quickly stealing a glance at the moment or even leaving a bag open with the answers on top. There is always the pressure of getting a good grade, either for the student or for proud parents. And sometimes it seems the only way to cope with that […]