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Camas Students Go Fishing

As it is nearing summer, the sky is clearing and the sun is out. The weather is just perfect for going on the water. Many Camas students go fishing on a regular basis. This activity to many may seem boring or unappealing, but there is much more to it. To those who enjoy it, it […]

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Gratitude In The Age Of COVID

Camas went into quarantine about one year ago. In mid-March of 2020, Camas High School students entered a period of uncertainty, with many not sure what was going to happen or when students could enter school again. One year later, quarantine is still present in Camas High School, and after a short two days of […]

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Minors Having Jobs: What’s the Verdict?

Juggling school, clubs, sports, extracurricular activities, family life, having a social life, free time, time to eat, time to sleep–there are only 24 hours in a day. Do students really need to have jobs? Sure, having extra cash is helpful for the average high school individual. But to sacrifice sleep, meals, and time for homework […]

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Minimalism Challenge Put to the Test

Throwing, boxing up, wrapping, donating. I never thought I could throw away thirty-one items that I cherished in one day, but that is exactly what I did. On January 1, 2017 I started the Minimalism Challenge. The challenge is the brainchild of the Minimalists, Josh Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus. They constructed a blog to […]

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Winter Wishes Underway

Camas High school ASB members are doing their annual Winter Wishes event. Winter Wishes is a fun way to give students and staff at this school the things they might want. The way Winter Wishes works is that people submit something they want to receive or give to a friend. ASB then grants the wish. […]

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“Girls Learn” Changes to “Human Rights Club”

Traveling to a UN Conference in New York, meeting new people, or discussing controversialĀ topics, are opportunities students active in the International Human Rights Club (IHRC) can partake in. These opportunities bring students together to examine what needs to change in the world. The IHRC, formerly known as Girls Learn International (GLI), has officially started for […]