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Japanese Culture Festival 2019

For the past years at Camas High school, there has been a festival to help students learn about the Japanese culture. This event takes place turning A and B lunches on Friday, February 22nd, 2019. During, there are different things the students who aren’t apart of the festival can explore relating to the culture. Such […]

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A Brief History of Homecoming

Homecoming has its traditions that stretch from coast to coast, including a parade, spirit week, a dance, even welcoming back former and current members of high school, and above all, the big game. The well-known football game between two rival schools is a classic homecoming tradition, in fact, it was the very first tradition. The […]

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Kon’nichiwa! Japanese Culture Festival Grows Again

A couple dozen tables filled with memorabilia and information from all corners of Japan, bodies packed tightly together in a swarm, and enthusiastic Japanese students that matched the equally excited students and teachers shoveling Japanese food into their stomachs. On all accounts, the annual Japanese Culture Festival that took place on March second was a […]