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Activism Through Art

As Black Lives Matter protests continue across the country, several Camas High School students are coming up with creative ways to support the movement. In addition to organizing local protests in downtown Camas and starting a bake sale to support social justice organizations, student leaders of two CHS clubs have joined forces to accomplish a […]

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Voice the Art

Voices, all of them speaking out for their own cause. These are causes and topics that need to be talked about more. Spreading the word and getting recognition is the first step to making the change. In Camas High School, some teachers use units that they are teaching to talk about issues that need to […]

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Student Film Festival Entries

Yeah, having your schoolwork posted on the fridge at home is cool, but having a video you made posted on the Camas School District website and screened at the Liberty Theatre in downtown Camas? We think that’s pretty cool, too. That’s why we’re excited to announce the third annual Camas School District Student Film Festival: a […]

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Art With Meaning

Around the Camas High School campus, you can find various different pieces of art on the walls. Varying from a lion above doors to quotes and bridges, to people helping others climb a vending machine. Now, why would Camas have such odd artistry posted along the walls of this wonderful campus? The idea started with ceramics […]