Camas Softball

Play as a team, win as a team, lose as a team; this is the motto and or philosophy that the Camas softball team adheres to. Although many sports fans identify softball as an individual sport, players like the Camas softball team would beg to contradict that belief. Each player has their own specific responsibility […]

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Gymnastics Team Broke History

Individuals in past years have competed to represent Camas High School in the gymnastics state tournament, but this year the girls made history; bypassing regionals and going straight to state as a team. Overall, the team performed stupendously, taking second as a whole and a number of competitors who made it to the finals and […]

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War Within the Olympics

It has officially been confirmed, skateboarding is now in the Olympics, making it officially a “real” sport. The decision has sparked some controversy. Many core skateboarders do not believe it belongs in the Olympics. Most core skateboarders like to call skateboarding a “lifestyle” instead of a sport. Skateboarding has been growing more and more each […]

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Getting To Know A Camas Skateboarder

Camas High School is home to many athletes, about half of the school participates in an athletic activity. However, some of these athletes do not participate in traditional sports. Extreme sports popularity is growing every day. Currently. the big two that are being talked about are surfing and skateboarding. Both have been announced in the […]