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Textbooks at Camas High School

Carrying around textbooks in high school can be an absolute burden. They are heavy and big, and it is almost impossible to fit more than one of them in a backpack at a time. Not to mention the fact that many of them are outdated. Some of them ranging anywhere from 11 to 16 years […]

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Meeting Mrs. Mcilraith

Each new year brings many new staff and teachers into the mix of Camas High School. Katie Mcilraith happens to be one of the lucky 13 new staff to Camas High School this year. Mcilraith is a Spanish teacher here at Camas High School. She went to the University of Seattle to receive her undergraduate […]

Humans of CHS Staff of CHS

Staff of CHS: Ana Maria Bustos-Appelgren

The staff of Camas High School gave a warm welcome to new teacher Ana Maria Bustos-Appelgren this year. Mrs. Bustos-Appelgren is one of five Spanish teachers in the Camas School District. From approximately 1995-present Mrs. Bustos-Appelgren has been teaching, beginningĀ in her home country of Chile. Teaching foreign language in New Jersey and then in Pittsburgh, […]