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Staying Safe on Social Media

Everyone has been taught from a young age to be cautious when using the internet. However, as kids get older and outlearn parents on new technology and social media platforms, it is easy to feel immune to what they learned growing up. They can forget that not even private messaging is private. Every day, they […]

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Maker Time Refresh

On the 28th of January, the start of the second semester at CHS, administrators decided to change the school schedule, altering the way Maker Time functions. Instead of being held after sixth period, the new schedule has it preceding sixth period. But that is not the only change: students now need passes from teacher to leave […]

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Cell Phone Searches: What’s Allowed?

Goodbye text messaging, checking Instagram, and tweeting in the middle of class. That phone has been taken away. So how much can teachers/staff do with it? A line in the Camas High School Student Handbook about how “The PCD (Personal Computing Device, such as a cell phone) may also be searched by school staff if […]

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Social Media Today

With recent advancements and developments in technology, letters have become a thing of the past, and social media has become the perfect way to meet people, “You can find like-minded people who can like help you to connect to others and make you feel better about being different.” Lily Burhop, a senior, explained. Social media […]