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Everybody Has A Story: Hailey Berry

Camas High School Senior Hailey Berry was born in Oregon and shortly moved to Battleground where she would be raised for ten years. In seventh grade, that is when Berry moved into the Camas community. “Moving here in the middle of middle school was pretty hard, but I’m really glad that I made some great […]

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Everybody Has A Story: Wilson Fresh

Camas High School Senior Wilson Fresh is looking forward to many things during his last year of high school, but most of all he wants to get back on the field and play soccer again for CHS. Last year the season was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic so he did not get to have […]

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Senior Op-Ed: Aidan Linerud

It would be an understatement to say my final year of high school is different. A complete shake-up of the high school experience, due to a microscopic yet ever-present collection of molecules that has taken this year by storm. Hey, at least I am going out with a bang, if that bang was the sound […]

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Senior Op-Ed: Blake Bell

High school brings so many opportunities and challenges to all of our lives, but this year we are facing some new ones. Everyone has their own opinions on remote learning, but at the end of the day, teachers are trying their best to help students learn and reach their full potential.  My senior year just […]

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Counselors and Senior Advice on College Applications

With college applications on the horizon, Camas High School counselors advise students on how to make and prepare for outstanding college applications. For CHS students, one thing that is weighing heavily on them is plans after graduation. High school can be a fun, yet extremely stressful time, and guidance is much needed during this time. […]

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Op-Ed: Senior Memories

High school is a great experience overall, and I truly hope that each and every senior can say the same thing. I really enjoyed the time I spent as a whole at Camas High School, the friends I made, and the teachers I met along the way. I truly feel like I grew as a […]

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Class of 2020 Op-Ed: Olivia Kitts

Life is at a complete standstill for America with no end in sight. It’s hard to believe life would ever be like this. As teenagers, we’re made to go through a lot of changes and adapt in unforeseeable ways. That’s not to say this is not difficult. For me as a part of the class […]

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Monica Chang: Making Her Mark

She is number one in her class, she has a GPA 0f 4.0, she got accepted into Yale and MIT and won the Coca-Cola scholarship. She is Monica Chang and she is spectacular. It has taken a lot to get to where she is right now. Monica says, “I owe so much to my parents, […]