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Sean Tamura

Think about the stereotypical security guard at the mall or the movie theatre or school. Can you picture it? An ex-military middle-aged man with a tapered haircut, wielding large biceps but an even larger beer belly. A man using the job as a security guard only to be a dominant, aggressive person while also getting […]

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Safety First: 20 Years After “Columbine”

April 20th, 2019 marks the 20th anniversary of the Columbine High School shooting in Colorado, a tragedy that claimed the lives of thirteen students and teachers and injured twenty others. Since that shooting twenty years ago, active shooter drills have become more commonplace. Across the nation, schools are now required to do a certain amount […]

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Shift In Security

The security at Camas High school is always trying to make different upgrades to ensure the safety of their students throughout the school year. As security staff member Sean Tamura put it, “the safety of our students is our number one priority.” Staff and students weighed in on the recent security upgrades.  Tamura shared what […]

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Cell Phone Searches: What’s Allowed?

Goodbye text messaging, checking Instagram, and tweeting in the middle of class. That phone has been taken away. So how much can teachers/staff do with it? A line in the Camas High School Student Handbook about how “The PCD (Personal Computing Device, such as a cell phone) may also be searched by school staff if […]

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Chromebook or Chromeblocked?

Whether loved or hated, Chromebooks cannot be denied as useful tools. Still, many students are left wondering about what they can or cannot do on the devices, as their extent of freedom is obviously limited. With great power comes great responsibility, and unfortunately for students, not everyone maintains that responsibility. Regrettably, the actions of the […]

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Attitude of Gratitude: Staff of CHS

Throughout the year there are certain times set aside to celebrate teachers and administration at a school, but what about the rest of the staff? Janitors, security, and lunch room staff are often taken for granted, even though their presence and influence are essential in developing Papermaker Pride.  As Thanksgiving draws near, students of Camas […]