When Life Gets Boring, Make Some Slime

After two long weeks of AP testing, sometimes students just need to relax and play with some slime. As weird as this may sound, slime is both fun and relaxing to play with for people of all ages. Luckily, slime is cheap and easy to make at home! Here is an easy recipe to follow: […]

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PDX March for Science

Saturday, April 22 was Earth day, and in honor of Earth and in the hopes of preserving it for the future, protesters also held an international March for Science. Its goal: to champion and defend science and scientific integrity in a day and age where science is often stifled and restricted. Like the International Women’s […]

Tribute To...

Women´s History Month: Marie Curie

Marie Sklodowska was born in 1867 in Poland. She was lucky enough to be born into a family of respected educators. Her grandfather was a professor who taught literature, and her father was a mathematics and physics teacher. At ten years old she attended a boarding school in which she graduated from 6 years later. […]

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Camas High School is offering a club for a variety of people who have an interest in building, photography, and robots. The Robotics Club is much more than a club, it is a family.  Although robotics can be competitive and, at times, stressful (especially during competition), the team is supportive of each other and always […]

College Visits Science & Technology Series

A Summer in Indiana

A Journey in Modern-Day Archaeology: As all my peers basked in the glory that the first week of summer brings, I was boarding a plane, traveling to the beautiful and the exotic South Bend, Indiana. While for many, spending their summer vacation in the Midwest sounds less like a dream, to me, this was the […]

Humans of CHS Series

Staff of CHS: Charlotte Waters

Charlotte Waters is a new teacher here at Camas High. She came here as she,”Heard it was a great place to work.” Furthermore, she loves teaching. In fact, her motivation to begin teaching came from an English teacher she once aspired to become. Teaching is a great way to help people, and that is why she […]