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Remote Learning Reflection of the Hybrid Learning Change

As Camas High School (CHS) advanced to hybrid learning since March of 2021 due to COVID-19 case rates decreasing, in-person learning becomes an option for students who prefer it over remote learning, and others continue to learn remotely. But, this change impacts remote students in many different ways including both pros and cons. Based on […]

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Internet Issues at School

Over the past month or so, Camas High school staff and students have been experiencing ongoing tech, wifi, and internet issues, which has been another obstacle added to this already strange year. CHS Freshman Vance Gooch, says, “It (the internet issues) has been pretty annoying. Sometimes it (the wifi) works and other times it doesn’t.” […]

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Student Reflection of Memorable Moments in Past School Year

The past 2020-2021 year has been a memorable one for many students at Camas High School (CHS) as they recall the moments that have stuck with them most. Whether it be related to politics, extracurricular activities, school, (etc.), students recognize how memorable this year has been for them. When a group of students was asked […]

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What Happens When A Student Is Sick At School?

Going to school with a stomachache used to be a reason to get out of class and go to the health room, but now it may be a good enough excuse to go home. When a student is sick, whether it’s a stuffy nose or a sore throat, it could be a reason their day, […]

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The Effect of Remote Learning On Mental Health

Schools around the nation are seeing drastic drops in student’s grades, and increasing rates of anxiety and depression.  Over twenty students and teachers at Camas High school admitted that they all feel more anti-social, more stressed, and have seen dropping grades. While some students may enjoy the perks of remote learning, and even feel as […]

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Reflecting On A Year Of Quarantine

March 13th, 2020, it was Friday the thirteenth, the second trimester of the school year had been completed, and snow was an interesting surprise to the start of the weekend. But by early afternoon, news hit students who were going about their normal school day. Schools were closed in several counties throughout the State of […]

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Everybody Has a Story: Hope Reng

Hope Reng, a sibling, athlete, and daughter is a freshman at Camas High School. Right now, Reng has been spending a lot of her time on school. “Online school is not my thing. I prefer being in school. The social aspect has always been my favorite part of school, and  I’ve never truly loved the […]

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Students Working During The Pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the stress relating to school has gone up for many students. Camas High School students who work are having to balance online school and their jobs at the same time. The number of students at CHS who are working or are currently looking for jobs is increasing, and right now it […]