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Commitment Day: The New COVID-19 Journey of College Applications

While so many people this year had to focus on the struggles of our monotonous lives through a pandemic, the class of 2021 seniors had the added pressure of applying for colleges in a time like no other. While the college application process stayed the same, there were many things that were new and needed […]

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CHS SATs Canceled For Now: Possible Test Dates in 2021

Taking the SAT is one of the most important tasks for college-bound students to complete. However, due to high rates of COVID-19 in Clark County, Camas High School has not been able to provide the SAT for students this year. The test was scheduled for certain dates, but all opportunities to take it have been […]

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What’s Up With Testing? An AP, SAT/ACT and CHS Breakdown

AP tests? SATs? Course finals? Students and families have a number of questions around testing now that schools are closed and remote learning is in place. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, The College Board, colleges, and school districts across the country are working on plans to make testing reasonable for everyone.  For starters, […]

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Preparing for the SAT

As students travel through high school, their dreams of what they want to be when they are older become more prominent. High school is meant to prepare students for college and college for their overall career. However, to get into college, a student first must take the SAT to show their relative ranking with their […]

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Why is the PSAT Free?

While there has been a great number of changes to the structure of the school day and different punishments, one change that might be bigger is that the PSAT is now free for all sophomores. This is a big deal for all students. School administrator Mr. Owen Sanford explained that his change was made to […]

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ACT/SAT Study Tips

Need help on the SAT and ACT? Colleges are searching for students with proficient scores and we have the tools to help you succeed! Check out the sites/apps below to see if these work for you, feel free to email feedback and or give sites/apps you know have helped you and want more students to […]

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Standardized Testing: Debunked

As the new school year quickly gets underway, high school Juniors and seniors around the country are compelled to begin thinking about college and post-high school plans. Building a college resume is quite a process, as GPA, leadership, community service and extracurriculars are all crucial to improving chances of acceptance. No application is truly complete […]