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Better Safe than Sorry

Each year as prom rolls around, high school students all over the country get exhilarated with the thrill of going out with friends on one of the most hyped-up nights of the school year. Students dream about this night for years, and as it comes up they spend every last minute planning for the perfect […]

Camas What You Should Know

How Safe Is CHS?

The big question for many students and staff is simple: how safe is CHS? The answer brings good news and hopefully puts many minds at ease: it’s plenty safe. CHS itself doesn’t have many safety hazards. Every time one is brought up, the situation is quickly identified and defused to be safer for the students […]

portables What You Should Know

Locking The Doors

The recent locking of the doors from the portables to the main building all comes from a meeting with the District Safety Committee. Due to CHS having unlocked doors during school hours, and being one of the biggest schools in the district, it was ruled that the doors needed to be locked during class hours. […]

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Beauty Hurts

Using animals to test the safety of different products has been a controversial issue for decades, though, over the past few years, it has become a more popular topic. Some people look at animals as companions and family while others see them as a means for advancing medical techniques. Each year nearly 20 million animals […]