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Running Start: An Overview

Running start is a program where juniors and seniors can take Clark College classes for both college and high school credits. For some students, this opportunity can be life-changing. The state of Washington subsidizes the cost of the classes for the student’s accessibility, which gives students an opportunity to earn college credits at a cheaper […]

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Running Start Information

Forecasting for next year is coming up soon and there are a variety of class and programs for students to choose from. One of these programs is running start. This is a program where students can take classes at Clark College and get high school and community college credit at the same time. This program […]

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All of the Academic Options

There are many options available for high school in Camas. All of these are able to provide students with the environment where they are most likely to succeed. Dr. Jeff Snell, the Superintendent of Camas School District, said, “the goal is to help students be inspired and engaged in learning. ” One of the options […]

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Options For College Credit

These days there are many options for high-school students to earn college credit before even graduating. Though the best-known way is AP, there are other programs that serve the same purpose. Running Start is one such option. This program allows Juniors and Seniors to take classes at Clark College and earn automatic college credit while […]