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Which is More Disruptive: Phones or Drawing/Reading?

In the classroom, phones are a known disruption to the learning of students, but what about reading and drawing? Students and staff share their opinions. “I do find that many of my students are distracted by their phones,” said English teacher Mr. Hicks. He said students use phones to avoid a task rather than overcome […]

Books Camas Clubs What You Should Know

Library 101

Some students aren’t aware of what the library is used for at Camas High School. At the library, it can really be used for anything, homework, reading, and studying. The library is opened at all time for the most part. You can use the library as a good resource for really anything.   This year […]

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Books, Books, Books!

The upcoming winter break gives students more free time to sit down, pick up a book, and read. In order to help students crack open the best books, here are a few recommendations from CHS English teachers, as well as some outside-the-school resources: Lori Lackland, senior English teacher The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood: “Don’t watch the […]