What’s the Point?

Each year, students at Camas High School are required to complete projects that act as graduation requirements and preparation for the highly anticipated senior project. Sophomores must pass the sophomore persuasive project (SPP), while juniors must overcome the junior research project (JRP); both entail a speech and a written essay, and if students do not […]

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Senior Project Tips

Camas High School has asked its seniors to complete a senior project for nearly twenty years in the hopes of preparing seniors for their future careers or college. Senior projects can be beneficial in teaching a student about life after high school; senior Ashley Gerst described, “ I knew I wanted to be a dentist […]

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500 Trees for 500 Seniors

At CHS a motto of “Imagine, Innovate, Inspire,” is present in the lives of students and staff. This phrase helped influence a plan to plant a tree for every senior of the 2019 graduating class. This project was an idea to involve students in order to leave their mark at Camas through planting trees. Not […]

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Why We Have Senior Projects

Years ago, the state of Washington wanted to put together something that would show all of the skills students have learned during school. They had also wanted to give students the chance to learn something that they had felt like they missed. So, the State of Washington came to the conclusion that a big end-of-high-school-project, […]

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What is Magnet?

Everyone knows that kid in class with the thick glasses and a “four-point-oh.” The one who can almost always be seen geeking out with their friends over a college-level math problem. At Camas High School, that is how many students view the Math, Science, and Technology (MST) Magnet Program. In actuality, Magnet is made up […]

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Senior Projects Highlight Reel

This past week, Camas seniors were able to present the very special projects that they have worked so hard on for the past year. While there were many amazing accomplishments by these students through these Senior Projects, below are some of the most unique topics and job shadows that students chose! Hannah Marquis–  When thinking […]

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DECA: Chapter Projects

Financial Literacy: This project is run by Camas High School Seniors, Dareena Stepanyuk and Bella Swanson. The purpose of this project is to promote the importance of financial literacy and teach its lessons to students. This year, they chose Mrs. Williams fifth grade class at LaCamas Heights Elementary. Stepanyuk and Swanson taught several class periods […]