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Washington’s 2030 Clean Car Initiative

The State of Washington has started a wave of clean and green living many pushing for a lower carbon footprint for our state. The most recent push is moving to the Clean Cars 2030 initiative in Washington this is in part due to the largest carbon emissions being vehicle emissions (Washington State Department of Ecology). […]

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Camas Community Reacts to Attacks in Washington D.C.

Camas High School students and staff alike are reacting to the mayhem happening in Washington D.C.  In the early afternoon of January 6, rioters stormed the U.S. Capitol building following a rally led by President Trump. This put a quick pause on the electoral college count in Congress to certify the Presidential election of President-Elect […]

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Camas City Council Approves $1mil for City Hall

The Camas city council has approved one million dollars to renovate the city hall.  Specifically, the lobby of the hall and the accompanying annex were scheduled for construction over the course of 28 weeks. While the people who work in the hall itself are excited for a new interior, some of the people living in […]

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LunchBox Talks

Dozens of students at Camas High School are working together, putting in long hours, and bringing big names to campus all in the name of equality. The DECA Girls Represent club at CHS is hosting a series of “LunchBox Talks” in which female guest speakers are invited to campus to talk about issues facing women […]


My Next Guest Needs No Introduction

“My Next Guest Needs No Introduction” is David Letterman and his new show on Netflix.The show starts off with Letterman explaining how he has the opportunity  to run his own show. He showcases his special brand of self-deprecating humor and introduces his guest, Barack Obama. They start the conversation with some quips about jobs and then […]


It’s Official: The Government Shutdown

The United States Government has officially shutdown as of 12:00 am Saturday morning. Although the shutdown is said to last only a few hours, Congress failed to come up with a solution on immigration. On Thursday night, the House voted to postpone the possible shutdown until February 19, but Democrats and and even a few […]

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Trump Under the Spotlight…Again

In continuing with the tumultuous theme of the Trump’s Administration, in the past week the FBI has opened up investigation in order to pursue claims that members of  his campaign and now staff was, and may still possibly be in contact with the Russian Government in regards to issues such as national security. On December […]

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Annual CYAC Candidate Forum

Local politicians are often seen by voters only in the media or newspaper. Students in CYAC meet Friday mornings with local leaders to discuss political issues at all levels of government, and how to better the Camas Community. Emma Jones, Brenton Riddle, Jack Kelly, Melody Hollar, Kelsie Ackerman, Rachel Higgins, Katie Blair, Danny Kelly, Sydney […]