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Cell Phone Searches: What’s Allowed?

Goodbye text messaging, checking Instagram, and tweeting in the middle of class. That phone has been taken away. So how much can teachers/staff do with it? A line in the Camas High School Student Handbook about how “The PCD (Personal Computing Device, such as a cell phone) may also be searched by school staff if […]

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Locking The Doors

The recent locking of the doors from the portables to the main building all comes from a meeting with the District Safety Committee. Due to CHS having unlocked doors during school hours, and being one of the biggest schools in the district, it was ruled that the doors needed to be locked during class hours. […]

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New Homework Policy: What Changed?

Students at CHS for the 2017-2018 school year are in for an increased amount of time for personal activities after school due to the new homework policy. This new policy stretches not only to the high school but to all Camas public schools.  Students at Camas High school should not see homework that exceeds 90 minutes […]


Opinion: Students Fatigued and Failing

Are Later Start Times Harmful or Helpful? A teen’s life is busy with school, sports, homework and a variety of other interests and responsibilities. Add to that a social life, and there is little time for eating, not to mention sleeping. “Almost 70 percent of teens are not getting the recommended hours of sleep.” – […]