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Poetry Instruction: Benefit or Bother?

Poetry creates a variety of emotions and messages through words and can be comprehended in millions of ways. But are those emotions, messages, and perspectives beneficial to students? Whether students know it or not, they are involved this year in a study about whether poetry instruction is beneficial. The Social Policy Research Associates (SPR) is an […]

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Poetry Out Loud State-bound Champion

Senior Alaya Mays is one of the few of Camas High School’s Poetry Out Loud (POL) competitors to win regionals and enter into the state competition. Her poetry experience is not limited to this contest but entwined with her love of writing and performing at an open mic. When an English teacher decides to weave […]

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Ways to Memorize Your Poem

Being able to memorize things is a good skill to have in life, but not everyone has that skill.  For poetry out loud, students are required to memorize a poem and perform it to their class.  Here are some ways to make memorizing your poem easier…good luck! Highlight words that you keep forgetting and really […]