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Tips for Safe Adventure

The Pacific Northwest gives a variety of beautiful scenery and places to explore. And warm weather brings many people to seek adventure and enjoy the nature surrounding the world. One of these many adventures is camping but it can come with a safety risk. June is National Camping Month, and there is no better time […]

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Rocking and Rolling Teachers

It’s hard to see the big picture in life, just like not being able to see the entire forest through the trees. This is the meaning behind Mr. Morgan and Mr. Greene’s band, “For the Trees.” They play a combination of rock and roll and indie music, creating a 70s vibe to their sound. Other […]


A Race to the Finish

Camas Cross Country The air was crisp and cool, a perfect fall day. All around athletes clad in singlets and racing spikes, full of nerves and an impending amount of excitement for the coming minutes. They jog to the line, waiting on pins and needles for the starting call, in a flash, they are off, […]