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Which is More Disruptive: Phones or Drawing/Reading?

In the classroom, phones are a known disruption to the learning of students, but what about reading and drawing? Students and staff share their opinions. “I do find that many of my students are distracted by their phones,” said English teacher Mr. Hicks. He said students use phones to avoid a task rather than overcome […]

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Athlete/Coach Communication

Over the years, the relationships between the student-athletes and the coaches at Camas High School have changed drastically. With new group chat apps, meeting before or after school, and maybe having team dinners at coaches’ houses. All of these are prime examples of the many new ways that athletes are communicating with their coaches and […]

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Cell Phone Searches: What’s Allowed?

Goodbye text messaging, checking Instagram, and tweeting in the middle of class. That phone has been taken away. So how much can teachers/staff do with it? A line in the Camas High School Student Handbook about how “The PCD (Personal Computing Device, such as a cell phone) may also be searched by school staff if […]

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Pilot Policy: Phones on Campus

Return from winter break left many students shocked when, during morning bulletin, it was announced that Camas High School is allowing its students to use their phones during lunch. This new cell phone pilot marks what could be the end of an era, a cell-less era. What was the motivating force behind this decision? How […]