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Accomplishments in Camas High

For many members of CHS it has been a tough school year between not having a stable schedule and COVID-19. This year CHS students were proud about many of the little accomplishments one can make in life. Others were proud of accomplished goals. Even though many people did not get the year that they were […]

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Everyone Has A Story: Chase Muro Camasonian Co-Editor-in-Chief

Camas High School Senior, Chase Muro is a four-year veteran and well known in the Camas journalism community. He joined journalism because his older sister recommended the class to him, he also had and still kind of has, an interest in broadcast journalism. He cares about telling stories because he thinks the media platform is […]

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Op-Ed: Clothing Expression at CHS

Many students at Camas have developed their own personal styles, whether that be chains and fishnets or big t-shirts and Vans. People feel more comfortable expressing themselves now than they ever have before.  “It’s a way to tell the world who you are,” said senior Chloe Higgins. Nobody wants to wear something they feel self-conscious […]

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Monica Chang: Making Her Mark

She is number one in her class, she has a GPA 0f 4.0, she got accepted into Yale and MIT and won the Coca-Cola scholarship. She is Monica Chang and she is spectacular. It has taken a lot to get to where she is right now. Monica says, “I owe so much to my parents, […]

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Adventures in Downtown Camas: Part Two

In downtown Camas there are restaurants and cafes that many people visit each day and always say they love. These businesses provide open, charming, and calm spaces that are great for talking with friends and family, reading a good book or getting some homework done. There are around 24 restaurants sprawled all over downtown Camas, […]