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Parking Pass Changes

At Camas High school there is a ton of kids that drive cars to school and have to pay for parking passes. The parking passes this year are making a slight change, there will be one pass for all of the parking lots rather than having a north and a south lot pass. This is […]

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Crossing Chaos!

At Camas High School, students and staff take pride in their safety. The administration works hard at setting boundaries that are reasonable while still protecting its student body. Some students refuse to adhere to the rules and procedures put in place to keep them safe.   Due to the increasing number of students deciding to cross […]

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Tardies, Traffic, and Buses, Oh My!

As most know, either through first-hand experience or second-hand complaining, Camas High School has a terrible traffic situation. Backed-up buses, panicked parents and delayed drivers; most days, first period really ‘starts’ ten minutes after the late bell when all the students finally make their way from the parking lot to the classroom. Camas High School […]