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Black History Month Feature: Carlin Washington

Camas High School science teacher Carlin Washington expressed what Black History Month means to him. “Black History month to me is an opportunity to acknowledge an underrepresented culture that has had significant contributions to society.  It is a chance to celebrate with that culture and embrace the differences of another group of people.” Washington listed […]


My Next Guest Needs No Introduction

“My Next Guest Needs No Introduction” is David Letterman and his new show on Netflix.The show starts off with Letterman explaining how he has the opportunity  to run his own show. He showcases his special brand of self-deprecating humor and introduces his guest, Barack Obama. They start the conversation with some quips about jobs and then […]

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Pearl Harbor 75th Rememberance

Today marks 75 years since the attack on Pearl Harbor, sparking the United State’s involvement in World War II. As we take today to remember the 2,403 brave souls that lost their lives that tragic morning, let us follow President Obama in, “Giv[ing] thanks to the veterans and survivors of Pearl Harbor.” Check out The […]