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New to CHS: Samuel Bovarnick

New Camas High School English teacher Samuel Bovarnick feels that fishing is one of the beautifully pointless things in life we choose to do. He mentions the Greek mythological tale of Sisyphus as well when referencing fishing. This tale is about a king who was punished for his deceitfulness and forced to roll a huge […]

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New to CHS: Jill Cuellar

Camas High School’s new Spanish one and four teacher, Jill Cuellar, lived in Spain for five years. She spent her time teaching English to children, ranging from toddlers to teenagers. This played a big role in her love for the Spanish language She is CHS´s newest addition in the foreign language department for the 2020-2021 school […]

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Small Business Revolution in Camas?

Camas has been voted to be in the top ten towns to be featured on the show Small Business Revolution. Camas was nominated by Maria Gonser, who is the owner of the Attic Gallery, which is also located in Downtown Camas. The show has been searching for a town to focus on for season four, […]

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At first introduction, it might have seemed like someone cut off the wires of their earbuds and stuck them in their ears and carried around a white container of tooth floss to store them in. But now as 2019 comes around the corner Apple’s new product grows more and more viral: AirPods. At a whopping […]

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Attendance Experiment at CHS

This past week, various CHS teachers volunteered to test out a new alternative system to taking attendance every day called “Positive Attendance.” Rather than teachers silently looking about the class each period to mark those who are absent on their computers, the district decided to test out having students put their number into a computer […]

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How Do New Camas Members Feel About The City?

Depending where people are coming from, Camas can either viewed as a small, quiet community or a overwhelming city. As the population grows in Camas, especially with thousands of houses being built, people are often moving to Camas. The population of Camas is about 23,400, and that may go up with many houses and apartments […]

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New Year, New Yearbook

Another year has passed, but for the yearbook staff, this only means more things to come. With senior quotes, ensuring it’ll be error-free, and surprises in store, this yearbook staff plans on it being something special. Although there was a rumor going around about taking away senior quotes, they are still in action. There was […]

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Dance Team 2.0

Though they might not be performing at assemblies anymore, the dance team is still going strong. With new changes like having a smaller team and a new coach, they’re planning on being even better than before. In the recent Homecoming assembly, the dance team did not perform. While this was already abnormal from the previous […]