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What’s New with Horror: October 2018

With every year more new movies come out. Specifically, around October, many categorized as horror movies, come out into theaters. But now that the media has started getting big over the last twenty years, people haven’t been going out to movies as often as when they did in the past. Instead, they choose to watch […]

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13 Reasons Why Review

    Netflix original series, 13 Reasons Why, came out March 31st on Netflix with their 13 episode series. Selena took part in the show stating that “It hits a very important part of me”, and she hopes that kids and teens can learn from it. She believes that “They have to see something that’s […]

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Review: Stranger Things

“Friends don’t lie.” For some, it is a simple statement. For fans of Stranger Things, however, it is one of the many themes of a hit series. This summer, the eight-episode Netflix show exploded in popularity, gaining critical acclaim and an immediate fan following. Stranger Things got a 95 percent rating from Rotten Tomatoes, which […]