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Growth Mindset For The Better

The phrase “I am not a math person” is used by moms, English teachers, and pretty much anyone who is not a math teacher. The ideology of the smart person is a thing of the past. Instead of believing that brain and mental capabilities are static throughout life, a growth mindset, according to Writer, Maria […]

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Textbooks at Camas High School

Carrying around textbooks in high school can be an absolute burden. They are heavy and big, and it is almost impossible to fit more than one of them in a backpack at a time. Not to mention the fact that many of them are outdated. Some of them ranging anywhere from 11 to 16 years […]

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Get to Know: Zak Webb

Mr. Zak Webb is an algebra teacher at Camas High. Connecting with students by using his sense of humor and sarcasm. All the students in his class enjoy the light and fun environment that he creates for learning. Along with his teaching, he is one one of the baseball coaches during the spring season. He answered a […]

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A Little More about Mrs. Leighton

Mrs. Lori Leighton is an algebra teacher here at Camas. She is a very fun, laid back teacher that will have fun with her classes but also knows where to draw the line and stop. She teaches Algebra Two and a new class called Algebra Lab for kids who struggled in Algebra One. Although her […]

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Pearson Realize Math Curriculum

Last year, selected teachers switched to the Pearson Realize curriculum to pilot it. These teachers either used it for some lessons, a couple of units or for the entire book throughout the year. This year is the first year that Camas is implementing this new curriculum for all math classes. There are both pros and […]

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New to CHS: Deanna Rusk

Being a new teacher at a high school is daunting, with 2,207 kids it can be kind of hectic. Although, for Mrs. Deanna Rusk, she has fit right into the Papermaker system. This new mathematics teacher has been around the area before. Rusk shared, “I have always loved the small town vibe, and the students have […]

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New to CHS: Josef Hoffman

It seems like every year new teachers come to the school from many different backgrounds; this year is no exception. Twelve new teachers and counselors joined the staff at Camas High School in the fall. This particular passage focuses on Mr. Josef Hoffman. Hoffman is a special education geometry teacher for kids with autism and […]

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Fishing for Fisher

One of several new teachers to Camas High School this year is math teacher, Mrs. Fisher. This is her first year teaching at Camas High School. She went to school at Western Governors University and has taught at other schools as a paraeducator. So far, her favorite thing about CHS is the student. She says, […]