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The Madness of March

Every year this happens, thousands of people watch the best 68 male and 64 female college basketball teams compete while placing bets on who will win. They then proceed to watch these games throughout March and beginning of April, most of them happening during typical working hours (9 am to 5 pm Pacific time). The […]

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PDX March for Science

Saturday, April 22 was Earth day, and in honor of Earth and in the hopes of preserving it for the future, protesters also held an international March for Science. Its goal: to champion and defend science and scientific integrity in a day and age where science is often stifled and restricted. Like the International Women’s […]

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Procrastination Awareness Week

With only a certain amount of time during the day, it is important to do the most with it. Unfortunately, many people struggle with procrastination. According to, procrastination can be described as putting off or delaying something that needs attention. During the month of March, the nation observes Procrastination Awareness week. Most people have procrastinated […]

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Spreading Joy Internationally

After months of rain and snow, the sun finally came out to celebrate the first day of spring. March 20 also marks d International Day of Happiness. A group in Portland is doing the best they can to spread joy to all. This Joy team has worked since 2010 to a make people’s lives better […]

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If the Shoe Fits

As the sun comes out, the rain starts to fall and spring begins, so do the sports and activities that come with it. One of these activities is the spring musical. This year Camas High School is actively working to pull together the exciting and magical Cinderella musical. The show will display this fantasy fairytale through […]