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Adapting to Maker Time

Students talk about their after-school plans as pens and pencils scratch on paper. A few of the students actually decide to work on their homework that they didn’t finish for their next period class. The teacher casually reminds the students on their cell phones that their project is due tomorrow, but no one puts down […]

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Maker Time Refresh

On the 28th of January, the start of the second semester at CHS, administrators decided to change the school schedule, altering the way Maker Time functions. Instead of being held after sixth period, the new schedule has it preceding sixth period. But that is not the only change: students now need passes from teacher to leave […]

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The Future of Maker Time

On Friday, December 14th, CHS students in Mrs. Sarah Widdop’s AP Language classes presented to administration about revising Maker Time. Prior to the presentstions, the students wrote a conclusion/call-to-action paragraph in response to a prompt. This prompt directed the students to explain their “position on Maker Time and provide possible considerations CHS teachers and administrators should […]

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The New CHS Shedule

With last year’s schedule, the time available for students to seek help lasted from 2:10-2:55; now, the new help period, called “Maker Time” goes from 2:53-3:20. Maker Time is also mandatory, unlike its predecessor. Some teachers have made observations that the amendment to the old schedule making conference period mandatory has not gone over well […]