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A Spotlight on MST Senior Projects

In order to graduate, all seniors must complete a senior project. Students who are in the Magnet program do a different type of senior projects. These students do internships. Mr. Samuel Greene, the magnet senior project advisor, says “Most of them do 90+ hours and they are collecting data on their side it’s not just […]

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All of the Academic Options

There are many options available for high school in Camas. All of these are able to provide students with the environment where they are most likely to succeed. Dr. Jeff Snell, the Superintendent of Camas School District, said, “the goal is to help students be inspired and engaged in learning. ” One of the options […]

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What is Magnet?

Everyone knows that kid in class with the thick glasses and a “four-point-oh.” The one who can almost always be seen geeking out with their friends over a college-level math problem. At Camas High School, that is how many students view the Math, Science, and Technology (MST) Magnet Program. In actuality, Magnet is made up […]