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What is happening inside CHS?

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, teachers at Camas High School are forced to teach online. However, there are some staff members who are unable to do their jobs online. This select group of people includes cooks who served students lunch, the security who kept the students safe, and custodians who kept the school halls and […]

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Announcements vs. Projector

Out with the announcements and in with the lunch projections. The announcements are completely gone with no plan to bring them back so far. What does this mean for getting information out? Last year and years before, the announcements played over the intercoms during second period, telling students and staff the latest news and changes […]

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Do Not Blame The Lunch Ladies

Attention Camas High School: school lunches may have changed, and not for the better, but do not blame the lunch ladies. Complaints from kitchen staff and students have brought attention to the noticeably substandard food quality. The issue is not how the food is prepared, it is what the school now receives:┬ácommodity food versus Syscofood. […]