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Everybody Has A Story: Cole Allen

Camas High School Senior Cole Allen is excited to finish his high school education in June and go to trade school. For Allen, this past year has been a difficult one. As a student, he faced some real adversity when presented with the task of online learning. Allen considers his learning style to be more […]

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Senior Op-Ed: Blake Bell

High school brings so many opportunities and challenges to all of our lives, but this year we are facing some new ones. Everyone has their own opinions on remote learning, but at the end of the day, teachers are trying their best to help students learn and reach their full potential.  My senior year just […]

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Getting to know Mr. Loop

Mr. Loop is an 11th and 12th-grade teacher at Camas High school. He creates a great environment for his students to learn and feel comfortable. With being a teacher Mr. Loop is also a coach for the Camas High football team in the fall. Mr. Loop has answered a few questions to help us all […]

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Here at Camas High School, there are posters all over the halls in the hope of bringing people together in sports or clubs and just making a good school community; the name of the poster project is #EVERYONEHASASTORY. These posters have little paragraphs about somebody’s story, some of which can be very personal and inspiring. […]

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Getting To Know Tim Fox

Tim Fox is the assistant principal here at Camas High School, he helps around the school with day to day work. As the assistant principal, he evaluates teachers around the school and oversees ASB “All the clubs and activities, from a financial perspective but also a program perspective” He also helps kids from the last […]

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Life With Hemophilia Part 4

Back once more! Here this time with part 4 of this series. If you missed part 3, talking about a camp I went to for hemophiliacs, you can find it here. Playing soccer with hemophilia has been interesting. I play a very contact heavy position at Center Back. Obviously this has lead to multiple bleeds […]

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Mother’s Day

There are many people in the world that inspire and motivate each of us through our lives. One of these incredible people is the mother figures in our lives. Sunday, May 14 is devoted to the celebration of the mothers in our lives. Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring the mother of the family, as well as […]


The benefits of owning a dog

Never before in U.S history, has there been so many furry canine friends living in the homes of America. According to the National Humane Society there are “almost 78 million dogs living as pets in 56 million American homes.” Besides the notoriety that dogs are man’s best friend, there are a number of benefits a […]