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Be The Change Club

Do not doubt that a small group of citizens can help to change the world. Even if it is just a small group of high school students. Last year a student attended Challenge day, and was inspired to help be a change and spread love and acceptance through our community. He decided to start a […]

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Camas Has Kindness

If students are looking for a club that spreads kindness and positivity, they should consider joining the “Be the Change” Club. This club connects students together through events and meetings. As senior Matthew Cambizaca put it “ I really love the idea on how clubs connect the students in it.” Students who join clubs are normally […]

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Getting to Know Your Associate Principals: Susan Asher

To continue the Associate Principal Week celebration, this article has been dedicated to another hardworking administrator at CHS. Susan Asher has held her position as Camas high for only three years, but has a lot of experience. Before working at CHS, Asher was an associate principal at Belgrade High School, Mountain View High School, and […]

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Getting to Know your Associate Principals: Tom Morris

In every school there are tons of faculty and staff to help the system run smoothly. Although behind the teachers in the classrooms there are a few people that deserve some appreciation. This week the nation celebrated Associate Principals Week. Students can honor this occasion by learing more about their associate principals and showing their […]

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Kindness Overpowers

“There is always more room for kindness”, Dr. Sork the proud principal acknowledged. Seven of Dorothy Fox’s third-grade students have taken the initiative to start and run a kindness team. Their goal is to improve inclusiveness and kindness between peers not only at Dorothy Fox but the entire community. Aubrey Schultz and Addie Clark, the […]

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31 Days of Service

In this holiday season, students should take a moment to think about what they are doing for others around the school and community. With all the negativity around the nation, students should choose another way. There are many easy ways to bring joy and happiness to those who surround students this holiday season. One of […]