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Getting To Know Tim Fox

Tim Fox is the assistant principal here at Camas High School, he helps around the school with day to day work. As the assistant principal, he evaluates teachers around the school and oversees ASB “All the clubs and activities, from a financial perspective but also a program perspective” He also helps kids from the last […]

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Papermaker Preschool

At Camas High School many have seen toddlers playing in a play structure outside, others might see them down the 200 wing, transitioning in between classrooms with rainbow cones guiding their way. These kids aren’t just an illusion, they’re here, part of a class called Child Development. The children attend school five times a week, […]

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Kindness Overpowers

“There is always more room for kindness”, Dr. Sork the proud principal acknowledged. Seven of Dorothy Fox’s third-grade students have taken the initiative to start and run a kindness team. Their goal is to improve inclusiveness and kindness between peers not only at Dorothy Fox but the entire community. Aubrey Schultz and Addie Clark, the […]