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Staff of CHS: Mrs. Jarvis

Camas is constantly expanding and constantly have to up the staff count! Camas is a school with just over 2,100 students and to balance the ratio of teachers to students, Camas has recruited more teachers. One of the newest teachers is English teacher, Jeanne Jarvis. She is a senior English teacher – Working exclusively with […]

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Pilot Policy: Phones on Campus

Return from winter break left many students shocked when, during morning bulletin, it was announced that Camas High School is allowing its students to use their phones during lunch. This new cell phone pilot marks what could be the end of an era, a cell-less era. What was the motivating force behind this decision? How […]


In the Pool with Camas Girls

An often overlooked sport for girls, the swim team for Camas has 37 girls on it this season. In an interview with the one of the captains, Shelby Gano, we found out what the Camas High School girls swim team. Why did you join the swim team? When did you join? “I joined because I’ve […]

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Getting To Know A Camas Skateboarder

Camas High School is home to many athletes, about half of the school participates in an athletic activity. However, some of these athletes do not participate in traditional sports. Extreme sports popularity is growing every day. Currently. the big two that are being talked about are surfing and skateboarding. Both have been announced in the […]

Humans of CHS Series Students of CHS

A Reassuring Hand

Statistics show that over 8.5 percent of students in high school are gay. This number may not seem large, but when someone is struggling because their sexual orientation is “out of the norm,” this seems like the biggest issue in the world. Camas High School is not known to be a school that discriminates against […]