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Get to Know: CHS Principal Mr. Morris

Camasonian 2020 Co-Editors-in-Chief Will Hansen and Chase Muro recently interviewed newly named CHS Principal Mr. Tom Morris. Here is what they found out about his interview process, his experience, and his plans for CHS: C: How did you feel the interview process went? Were you nervous or confident going into the interview? TM: “I was […]

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Getting to know: Kelly Williams

Mr. Kelly Williams is a web design teacher at Camas High School. He answered a number of “get to know you” style questions as part of a new series for the Camasonian “Get to Know”. Why did you decide to become a teacher? “To start with, my Mom is a teacher, my Dad is a […]

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Get to Know: Zak Webb

Mr. Zak Webb is an algebra teacher at Camas High. Connecting with students by using his sense of humor and sarcasm. All the students in his class enjoy the light and fun environment that he creates for learning. Along with his teaching, he is one one of the baseball coaches during the spring season. He answered a […]

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Getting to Know Alixandra Coker

Alixandra Coker is a biology teacher for the Integrated Arts and Academics program (IAA), as well as a forensics teacher. She answered a handful of questions for the Camasonian’s new series called “Get to Know You,” which aims to inform the public, ideally staff, students, and parents, to get to know staff members and what they do. […]

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Get to Know: Ruhiyyih Wittwer

Ruhiyyih Wittwer is an English Teacher at CHS for freshmen and sophomores, including those of the Integrated Arts and Academics (IAA) program. She answered a number of “get to know you” style questions as part of a new series for the Camasonian “Get to Know”. The purpose of the series is to help people in […]

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Connecting with Kang

New school year, new students, new schedules, and most importantly new teachers. Mrs. Kang, one of the new teachers who teaches English 11 classes, has recently started teaching for CHS. Many students and parents might have questions about what this teacher has to offer and what they should expect while being in her classroom. Kang has […]

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New Staff of CHS: Samuel Hicks

This year at Camas High School many new staff members were added to the faculty, twelve different people who have moved from other districts or that came straight from college. Many of these teachers joined Camas for many reasons and have a lot of outside activities and stories to tell. Sam Hicks, a new teacher […]

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Improving the Perspective: Seniors’ Legacy

For the second year in a row, Superintendent Jeff Snell will be conducting interviews of the entire senior class to better understand their perspective of our school system. Last year, Snell interviewed about 40 seniors, but this year, he plans to up that number to a full 520. These no-pressure and informal interviews will take […]