CHS RB Badolato-Birdsell Out For The Season

Camas High School Senior and University of Nevada football commit Jacques Badolato-Birdsell suffered a season-ending injury nearly three weeks ago while throwing the ball around with his teammates.  He said, “I was throwing with Jake and my boys. Basically I went up to catch the ball and I was fading away. I landed weird on […]


Athletes and CTE

Brain injuries and concussions are a quickly growing epidemic in athletes who participate in high risk, contact sports according to the website, Head Case. Among these sports, football is at the top of the charts for the number of concussions per year. The Center for Disease Control estimates that football athletes have a 75 percent chance […]

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Jacob Bedont: Soaring to New Heights

The Journey of a Camas High School Pole Vaulter There are few sports that provide an equitable duality of emotions, forcing the audience to vacillate between awe struck gaping and pure terror for the athlete. Pole Vaulting is one of these rare sports that provides a true viewing experience, so it’s no surprise that these […]